Our Finishes

Our passion for design and innovation is reflected in the way we create, source and reinterpret materials.

Innovative design and finishes are at the very heart of everything we do. Our interiors and architectural background, combined with our creative flair and manufacturing expertise, enable us to integrate the latest cutting-edge technologies and finishes into our furniture, be that a timeless shaker style or contemporary metallic patina.

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Spray Shop

We have two separate dedicated spray booth areas within the workshop, where we produce a wide range of sprayed finishes.  Our open booth is used for priming our paint finishes and lacquering timbers and veneers, and our closed booth is used for applying final colours. Having the flexibility of two facilities on site allows us to optimise production through the spray shop.

High Gloss Polishing

Building on the foundations of our core spray shop services we also offer high gloss polishing, where each sprayed coat is individually buffed and polished to add a real depth of glossy feel. Sometimes called a piano finish, we offer high gloss polishing to both flat colours and specialist veneers and solid timbers.

Liquid Metal

Liquid metal is a truly innovative product that allows us to become not just cabinet-makers but alchemists, turning almost anything we desire into metal. Be that simple rebated handle details, cornicing or ornate turned pilasters. Lighter in weight and cost than solid metal, the finish is cool to the touch and presents exactly like solid metal. We produce a range of brushed and patinated liquid metal finishes in-house, from brass and bronze to copper, pewter and nickel.

Metallic Spray Finishes

Aside from standard paint colour finishes we also offer a range of specialist effects, including metallic spray finishes, which are a more cost-effective version of a full liquid metal product. The metallic spray finish adds lustre, movement and sheen to the base colour and works particularly well with russet, bronze and chrome colour palettes.



We have an in-house veneer press that allows us to press specialist veneer leaves or laminates onto the substrate of your choice, be that MDF or ply, allowing us to offer any veneer or laminate based finish you choose, from exotic hardwood veneers to premium laminates and nano tech sheet materials, such as fingerprint-proof and scratch resistant Fenix. We offer a full book-matched and sequenced service.


Hand Painting

Certain cabinetry and panelling lends itself to more of a hand-painted finish. Whether that’s a more traditional style in-frame shaker kitchen or traditional timber panelling. We typically shop prime everything in our spray booths then apply the initial coats of colour in the workshop, meaning less disruption post installation on site. Hand-painting is a less durable finish but easier to touch up on site.


We offer a range of metalwork services, from integrating metal trims, frames and bespoke legs to creating metal-framed glazed cabinet doors and table legs. Depending on the complexity of the project we either produce our metalwork in-house or utilise one of our specialist providers. Either way the metalwork is a fully embedded service within our process.



Many elements of both contemporary and traditional cabinetry involve some element of stonework, be that as a worktop or vertical back-lit cladding. We fabricate all our own corian and solid state and have a trusted network of stone and ceramic wholesalers and fabricators.



Whether it’s a banquette seat, headboard or leather inset panel, we facilitate a comprehensive array of upholstery services as part of our bespoke joinery offering. Most of our upholstery is done in-house, however we do outsource more specialist pieces.