Bedrooms & Dressing Rooms

Whether it’s small and practical or spacious and indulgent, your bedroom is your inner sanctuary

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Dressing rooms and walk-in style fitted wardrobes are fast becoming one of the most desirable spaces within a bedroom. Not only do dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes offer the ultimate in luxury, these spaces help make the most of every inch of storage available and can be designed to suit any room size. Because they are bespoke you can fully customise them to complement the way you dress, for instance, if you have lots of long dresses rails will be integral whereas if you love shoes, pull-out or pigeon hole storage can help you see and gain easy access to your favourite pieces.

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“I would strongly recommend HUX to anyone considering a bespoke kitchen or joinery. I contracted them for a bold Soho house-inspired kitchen for my house, and we then added joinery throughout the house”

Paul BrowN
Founder of Bol foods

If the kitchen is the heart of a home then the dressing room is the inner sanctum, the place where you prepare yourself for the day ahead. Whether you want an integrated bench seat or glass-topped island to display your watches or jewellery, here at HUX we strive to design the perfect space for your needs, while ensuring the style of your furniture perfectly reflects your interior scheme.  Explore our gallery below for a collection of images of our dressing rooms and bedroom wardrobes, headboards and other bespoke bedroom furniture.

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Our knowledgeable designers will expertly guide you through an array of clever storage options and finishes to ensure your new wardrobe and bedroom furniture fit seamlessly into your space.

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