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Studies and libraries have long been a defining characteristic of grander houses, and with a degree of working from home now a fact of life, home offices, libraries and studies are more desirable than ever. Whether the workspaces are integrated into a wider piece of living room or kitchen furniture or form part of their own dedicated space, optimising the home to create defined working areas has become a critical element of residential design.

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There is a clear trend of incorporating beautifully fitted library bookcases into the home whether it’s in a snug, home office, living area or hallway. Often unusual spaces require creative thinking to solve tricky storage problems, and home library furniture and customised shelving is the perfect solution to maximise the potential and offer a clever storage solution to display your favourite books, photographs and treasured pieces.

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Whether you need a designated home office or a casual study area, we know how to make your space work for you – from fitted library shelving and freestanding room dividers to handcrafted desks and storage cabinets.

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