Discover the Magic of Bespoke Joinery in HUX’s Showhome

Welcome to a unique tour of a very special property – our exceptional showhome situated in Chiswick. It’s the very place our founder, Felix Milns, calls home. We are thrilled to guide you through this transformation, which exemplifies a blend of personal passion, professional expertise, and innovative design. Let’s journey together through this beautiful space that seamlessly merges timeless, contemporary elegance with the needs of a modern family.


At the very heart of HUX lies an unwavering commitment to innovative design, craft, and luxury finishes. This philosophy is immediately apparent in the welcoming ambiance of this Victorian home’s hallway. A carefully chosen Velux window at the top of the stairwell ensures that sunlight streams through the house, casting a glow on the beautiful French Grey panelled walls. The panelling not only forms the structural backbone of the house but also unifies the rooms into a harmonious whole.

Sitting room

The sitting room embodies the delicate balance of comfort and sophistication that HUX strives for in every project. The real showpiece is this bespoke feature wall. A testimony to HUX’s creativity, this polished plaster wall ingeniously incorporates a TV and fireplace, adding modernity and inspiration to the space. Clever use of lighting further elevates the ambience, transforming the room into a contemporary haven.


This bespoke kitchen is the embodiment of understated luxury. The design, centred around a large island, exudes an aura of elegance. It features a white composite quartz worktop and pale-grey spray-painted cabinets handcrafted at our workshop in West London. The integration of hexagonal metallic splashback tiles and matching brass handles infuses modernity into the kitchen.

As a testament to HUX’s commitment to design practicality, the kitchen includes smart charging drawers and a wrap-around sink with hidden toy storage, catering to the bustling lifestyle of Felix’s family. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide ample storage space without compromising the aesthetic appeal. To top it all off, delicate glass pendant lights and silver decor lend a refined finishing touch.


Whether hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a family meal, this bespoke dining table is truly a showstopper.⁠ The Amazonite marble stone top’s unique colouring, with its striking blue-green hues, makes the dining table one-of-a-kind. ⁠The metal frame and walnut legs provide a sturdy foundation for the table, showcasing the evident craftsmanship that went into this piece.

living space

The open-plan kitchen naturally extends into a cosy nook, a chic living space combined with a bespoke home bar. With ‘staying in’ being the new ‘going out’, we wanted to create a real wow moment with this freestanding bar. The home bar fits beautifully into the end of a wide space, hidden from the kitchen and dining space, and truly comes to life at night. The interplay of built-in lighting and antiqued mirrors enlivens the space, exuding a sense of glamour that captures the essence of HUX’s commitment to creating unique, stylish interiors.


In the master bedroom, a special feature wall reveals a stunning example of our innovative joinery and craftsmanship. A bespoke floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, constructed from spray-painted plywood, demonstrates an artful blend of aesthetics and functionality. This piece epitomises the modern British craftsmanship that HUX is known for, showcasing our ability to turn ordinary elements into extraordinary features.


The ensuite bathroom was designed with simplicity, light, and modernity in mind. With a soft, neutral palette and beautifully finished surfaces, the bathroom emanates a calming, zen-like ambiance. Showcasing tailored elegance and functionality, HUX’s bathroom cabinet stands as a highlight, its drawer depth providing ample storage to ensure a clutter-free space. Every fixture and finish reflects our careful attention to detail and dedication to creating storage spaces that look unique as well as functional.


Upstairs, the children’s bedrooms evoke a fresh, Scandinavian feel, merging our sleek design elements with playful charm. The rooms feature pale, neutral palettes, complemented by designer wallpapers and a collection of thoughtfully sourced vintage pieces. Bespoke wardrobes have been specially designed to utilise the rooms’ sloped ceilings, making the most of every inch of space while contributing to the room’s youthful aesthetic.

Throughout the house, continuity and flow are achieved through the thoughtful selection of materials, colours and textures of our joinery. Discover more of HUX’s bespoke kitchen and joinery works in our portfolio.

A true home tells a story and the best way to understand the craftsmanship behind our work is to explore our showhome and studio space in Chiswick. See, touch and feel the elegance of bespoke joinery in a real-world setting. We welcome clients to come and get inspiration as well as expert design advice either in the showhome or at our state-of-the-art 12000sqft workshop.

Get in touch with our team today and let us transform your space with stunning kitchen designs and bespoke joinery.