The HUX Report Vol 11: Understanding Door Styles (Part III)

Our third and final instalment of our series on doors feature high-performance laminate doors, upholstered and inset panel details and look at how you can add metal detailing and metallic finishes to create real wow factor in your scheme. Enjoy and we hope you have found some great inspiration across this series.


XyloCleaf is a contemporary range of premium laminates which are created using a unique process of thermal fusing in which decorative papers are treated with melamine resins, that under heat and pressure become part of the panel itself, creating a product that is strong, durable and highly scratch and chemical resistant.

Highly tactile and coming is a range of contemporary finishes ranging from driftwoods, linens, leathers and metal effects, they are a premium looking door at an attractive price point.

Upholstered Panels

There’s something about soft furnishings and tactile finishes that invoke visions of luxurious comfort and cosiness. Upholstered or padded inset panels are great additions to any décor, but work especially well in dressing rooms, setting the tone for a relaxing, restful and indulgent sanctuary. Versatile and sophisticated with an effortless elegance, they can be used with any upholstered material, from leather to wadded fabrics.

Shown here in a painted frame finish
And here with a vertical framing detail of specialist veneer finshed in a high gloss piano finish

Metal Inlays

Metallic inlays are made are mainly used to enhance the look of a door. These smooth designs are produced to create a premium look without being over-complicated. These lines and inlay options allow you to add character and a different medium to your door.

For high-end products we typically use solid brass, but we can also create a similar and more cost-effective look using a metal effect board material cut into strips and inset into the door. 

Metal Edged Doors

Metal trims are a contemporary addition to any interior scheme, and add a weighty, sophisticated feel to your doors. Besides adding a luxurious premium look, a metal trim around the door adds durability and will protect your cabinet doors from everyday wear and tear. They work equally well with a veneer or a painted door finish.

Liquid Metal Doors

Using the latest in liquid metal technology we can create a wide range of doors coated in a solid metal veneer. Options here are near endless, from lustrous tactile bronzes and antique aged patinas to faux skin and volcanic patination, liquid metal doors are a real style statement.


Richlite is an incredibly durable, evocative and tactile board material made from many layers of high quality recycled or sustainably harvested decorative paper, pressed and bonded together with an eco-friendly thermosetting resin. Richlite doors have a glorious depth to them, with a natural patina that improves with age.  It only comes in a limited range of earthy colours but for the right schemes richlite doors are a real style statement.

Wallpaper Fronts

Wallpapers are great way to decorate your walls, and designers have long used wallpaper for inset panels or to the back of open shelving, but one recent trend gathering steam is to clad the entire door in wallpaper and have the pattern flow across a series of doors. This can be very cool idea to make your scheme, and joinery, stand out.

Please let us know if we have missed any of your favourite door designs and hope you enjoyed the series!