The Secrets to Designing a Luxurious Dressing Room

Embarking on a home renovation project and contemplating the addition of a dressing room or bespoke wardrobe? Look no further for inspiration and insights. At HUX, we understand that designing a truly luxurious dressing room is about creating an intimate space that encapsulates your personal style and elevates your daily dressing routine into a refined ritual. Join us as we unveil the elements that make up these lavish retreats.

A Retreat Tailored to Your Style

A dressing room becomes a haven of luxury when meticulously planned with a rich and layered interior. Imagine a space that elevates your morning routine and makes getting ready for evening events an exciting and enjoyable experience. From open or closed cupboards and shelving, full length or twin rails for hanging, additional islands and show stopping display counters and cupboards, the addition of a well-planned dressing room will deliver a soft and relaxed feel that lifts your mood.

Maximising Your Space for Timeless Elegance

“A well thought out space is key when it comes to creating a timeless dressing room.” says Felix Milns, Founder of HUX. “Optimising on the layout of the space at the very outset is crucial to ensure that every inch is utilised. This is also the most personal room in the home, and as such it is key to understanding how the space will be used, whether that is a fantastic full height display for a treasured collection of shoes, or an island that will present cherished jewellery with a glass topped display. If you don’t have the luxury of a separate room or bedroom that is large enough to carve out a dedicated space for a dressing room, there are other clever options to consider, such as wall lined wardrobes just outside of the bedroom, this can be particularly effective if there is an underused area in a corridor or landing.”

Versatile Storage to Showcase Your Collection

The versatility of a bespoke dressing room extends to the aesthetics of storage. Open shelving offers a visual feast of your wardrobe’s colors and patterns, while closed-door options maintain a streamlined and tidy appearance. Glass-fronted doors can transform your favourite items into show-stopping displays, enhanced by backlighting for added drama. An island not only provides extra storage but also serves as a focal point, presenting your treasured items beneath glass displays.

Lighting: The Secret Ingredient for Ambiance

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the perfect ambiance. Avoid strong overhead, directional lighting, as it can distort colors and cast unflattering shadows. Instead, opt for an intelligent LED lighting system built into the storage, providing clear visibility of your wardrobe without flooding the room with harsh light. Complement this with statement pendants or wall lights to enhance the mood. Warm lighting transforms your dressing room into a cosy sanctuary, setting the stage for a dramatic lighting piece above an island or seating area.

Adding Depth with Architectural Details

In a room where doors often take centre stage, incorporating architectural details can significantly elevate the aesthetics. Consider adding panelling, reeded or clear glass, or even metallic threaded finishes to doors. These elements can create a sense of depth and interest. Accentuating the doors with beautifully crafted handles will transform your dressing room into a space that feels as precious and curated as a jewel box.


Harmony and Warmth in Design

Colour choice is indeed a personal decision, but when your dressing room holds a diverse mix of colours and patterns, a refined palette of neutral shades can be particularly effective. Opting for these subtle hues allows for a harmonious interplay of elements, establishing a calm and balanced environment. In addition to colour choice, the materials used in your dressing room also play a crucial role. Natural finishes, notably timber, complement a wide array of materials and infuse warmth into the space. The organic texture of wood not only adds an inviting feel but also serves as a grounding element in the overall design.

Functional and Stylish Seating

An upholstered ottoman or armless chair serves as a practical seating option in a dressing room. Select an item from the cupboards or shelves and simply settle back into your comfortable seat as you try on shoes or jewelry. Cleverly placed furniture can also function as a temporary spot for draping clothing as you compare options. If space is limited, consider incorporating under-seat storage into your design scheme.


Maximising Space Outside the Bedroom

If your home doesn’t have a separate room or a large enough bedroom for a dedicated dressing area, wall-lined wardrobes outside the bedroom can serve as an effective dressing space. Customised storage ensures that every inch of unused space is fully utilised. Alternatively, dedicating one wall in your bedroom to floor-to-ceiling storage can create the illusion of a luxurious dressing area. Add a chair and a rug to enhance the cosy, cocooned feel.


At HUX, we combine luxury and practicality, creating dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes that offer a refined and organised space for your cherished collections. Indulge in the ultimate luxury of a HUX dressing room, meticulously tailored to suit your style and needs.

Get in touch with our team today and let us bring your dream dressing room to life, handcrafted with precision in our state-of-the-art workshop.