The HUX Report Vol 11: Understanding Door Styles (Part II)

Part II of our series on door styles focuses on timber door finishes, be they flush, framed, timber veneer or solid timber doors. Once you dive into the world of timber veneers the options are literally endless, so please see below for a selection of the most popular timber door styles and some different examples or veneered timber door fronts to inspire you.

Or go for a retro seventies vibe and combine flush cherry veneered doors with a pop of colour:

And once you begin looking at leaf veneer your options are literally endless. Many timber species offer really interesting grain patterns which can be book matched to repeat the pattern or designed so you see the continuous grain run across a sequence of doors, as seen here in figured eucalyptus. Thanks to Holmes interiors for the great concept design and gorgeous handles.

Timber Shaker Doors

While Shaker doors are typically more popular in a paint finish they work equally well finished either in a clear lacquer or a wood stain. 

We make timber shaker doors in all styles from classic to micro shaker, seen here in a 3d visualisation of a kitchen in production for Kia Designs which mixes both timber and painted micro shaker doors.

Wired-Brushed Timber Shaker

Wire-brushing is an innovative contemporary technique which is used to bring out the grain of the wood. Using an angle grinder fitted with a rotating wire brush wheel more typically used to clean rust off metal, we carefully add texture to the surface of the wood, taking great care to ensure even distribution. This can then either be lime-washed, clear lacquered or stained. It’s a bold look but can look really impressive in the right scheme. 

Slatted Timber Doors

Ribbed doors offer an unusual and contemporary look. Using our CNC to create 3 dimensional the texture and look will really stand out in your scheme. More typically we fabricate these in a vertical pattern but they work also work well horizontally across a run of base units or a bathroom vanity, and can be designed and cut in a variety of different patterns and thicknesses.

Panel manufacturers are also beginning to fabricate 3 dimensional veneers in sheet form that we can use to create innovative and contemporary doors, in either a timber or paint finish.

Look out for part three in our HUX reports, where we will be looking at high performance laminates, liquid metal, metal detailing, fabric inserts and other specialist finishes.