The HUX Report Vol 5: Children Storage Ideas – How To Create A Neat, Fun And Organised Space

Storage in a home is fundamental to the functionality of the space.  For any well-designed space, kids’ storage is a must to keep order and be able to tidy away at the end of the day. Whether it’s storage in the child’s bedroom or effectively concealed in the main living areas of a home, follow our tips on how this can be done in an effective and stylish manner.

the strength of colour

Make a statement with colour by painting your bespoke joinery in a bright or contrasting colour.  Use the space effectively and add bookshelves and storage baskets within the joinery. You can then display the items you want to display and conceal the items you would rather conceal.

hidden storage

Panel your entire wall and hide the television and children’s toys in hidden cupboards around it. This can be done by creating a storage space and panelling the cupboard fronts.

Cupboards & Receded Glass Panels

This can be easily designed to tie in with the kitchen design in a family room. Aesthetically pleasing as well as being super functional, bespoke joinery can be designed to perfectly fit in with the design and space of a large room.

understairs storage

Under stairs is a great space that should not be forgotten.  Lots of renovations propose a downstairs toilet here.  However, if the area is too small, make it an organised space to hold clutter, shoes, coats and toys.

Built-In Multimedia Units

A built-in multi-media system within bespoke joinery means you can watch television as a family, whilst housing a display unit around the TV. It’s a great way to transition from family time to entertaining time. Add storage beneath with drawers and cupboards, to hide away all those DVDs, toys and clutter that you would prefer to keep hidden.

Kids Storage

For a style suited more to children, use bookshelves filled with colourful books and childrens’ accessories to flank the television. If your room is small, having your storage cabinets the same colour as your wall can make the space feel bigger because the room flows from section to joinery without a break.

Combine Storage With Play In A Bedroom Area

Designate a specific desk area with toys and books in a children’s bedroom.  Creating an arts and crafts area with desk space allows children to play and work, with storage to tidy up afterward and store away items.  Add shelves for books and make a small library.

Desks Built Into Storage Walls

This is a great idea to get your child to work whilst also being tidy.  Having a desk with drawers or a fold away lid is great to allow your child to get on with homework after a school day, but once finished the work can be hidden away and out of sight.  Having a clean desk not only helps productivity but will also allow your child to hold the distinctive separation between work and rest.

Fit Bespoke Made Units In Alcoves

Add bespoke units into your alcoves to add symmetry to your room whilst also providing storage in a very stylish grown up manner. Placing fitted cabinetry and bookshelves in these gaps will complete the room and allow you to display items you wish to have on show, whilst also hiding those children’s toys you would prefer to keep concealed.

Add Wall To Wall Bespoke Units

Having an entire wall be made with bespoke joinery side to side, ceiling to floor not only looks very professional and creates a statement, it also offers abundant storage space.

Bespoke Library

Create a bespoke library wall in your room to make a statement and add colour. Childrens’ books can be stored in a very sophisticated way and a library wall provides a lovely backdrop to any room.

Bespoke Storage

Banquette seating designed into a family kitchen diner opens up a world of opportunities to store kids’ toys and games safely away.

Quirky Wallpaper

Adds an extra fun element to any kid’s room. Try wallpapering the internals of your child’s wardrobe for a flash of pattern when you open up the doors. Alternatively, clad the area around their desk to create a fun place to study.

Children’s belongings & toys don’t always pair well with beautifully designed interiors, however with clever storage ideas it’s possible to create fab kids’ spaces within your home and tick all the boxes!