The HUX Report Vol 13: Kitchen Trends 2022

Given the increased amount of time we have spent at home these last two years, it’s no surprise both full-scale kitchen renovations and modest redesigns have skyrocketed. Kitchens this year will become bolder, brighter, and more bespoke than ever before, due to a wide array of new styles, materials and technologies.

Unique cabinet profiles

“2022 sees more texture and details being added to kitchen design – the classic shaker is being re-imagined and modernised and curved details are adding interesting lines and shape” according to  Rebecca Northmore, HUX Design Manager. Shaker style cabinets are popular due to their flexibility and timelessness however one key trend has been a shift to the elegant lines of micro and deco shaker doors.

We also expect to see more designers and homeowners taking risks when it comes to both the profile and shape of their kitchen cabinetry. Introducing dimension with softer profiles and features such as rounded edges, rounded islands and fluting on cabinetry are becoming popular adding character and life to a kitchen.

Perfectly Imperfect Finishes

Taking inspiration from restaurant kitchens, homeowners and designers are moving towards fixtures and finishes that bring a well-worn lived-in appeal such as unlacquered brass, the use of brushed, antique and amalgamation of material finishes to create character in the kitchen. Kitchens are trending toward an understated naturalism moving away from lustrous looks towards things like ash green and patinated metals.

Other materials to look out for are metro style tiles and other ceramics and stone that have a natural look, as well as matte bronze that gives patina and depth but also warmth.

Statement worktops

In 2022, we’ll be seeing more bold stone selections with more splashy veined marbles and quartzites but not just as worktops but applied to backsplashes too so they can be seen vertically not just horizontally.

Designers and homeowners will take every opportunity to infuse a space with personality, by choosing attention-grabbing countertop materials.

Pull out workspaces create more surface for you to work on in environments where space is limited and it’s easy to hide when you are done with it.

Open Display Shelves

Open shelving in the kitchen seems to be everywhere now and works particularly well in a kitchen where there may be a fair amount of closed cabinetry.

They add an element of interest that draws the eye, all while helping to keep countertops clear and with their ability to showcase your personality it will allow this trend to endure.

The trend for homely design details brings with it open shelving and glass cabinet doors. Not everything needs to be hidden away. Fluted glass can add a level of opacity for messier cupboards and warm lighting creates cosiness and atmosphere” adds Rebecca, HUX Design Manager.

Another option is to have glass-fronted kitchen cabinets which allows you to immediately get a visual of everything inside it, making it one of the best options for storing your everyday dining essentials such as the plates, bowls, saucers, cups, glasses, and mugs.

Appliances go high tech

Technology just keeps getting smarter, making this glimpse of the future a reality, and everyday cooking more interesting! Even the most basic things we use on a day-to-day basis have become pretty advanced. These smart kitchen appliances can alleviate tasks carried out within a time constraint and allow you to multitask. For example, your mornings can be transformed by an smart coffee machine that remembers just how you like your coffee, or you can control your microwave from your phone.

Innovative downdraft extraction fans are a real alternative to overhead units now, and their powerful and quiet extraction levels make them a great choice if you love entertaining.

Alternatively, the hidden style is ideal for those who do not wish to make the cooker hood into a feature. Integrated cooker hoods are built into your cabinets and look just like another wall unit at first glance.

Custom Organisation / Smart Storage Solutions

Having a decluttered and organised kitchen not only helps with function but also brings a sense of calm and order to a home. People spend so much time in their kitchen, so thoughtful storage and organisational solutions are key, and help a kitchen both look and function better.

Homeowners are now focusing on crafting spaces that are both creative and utilitarian, with the popularity of built-in specialty organisers increasing, and with more than half of homeowners upgrading their space with storage solutions.

Space saving solutions such utensil rails, bespoke spice drawers, corner cupboards and pull-out pantries are becoming increasingly popular. “First and foremost, a kitchen needs to be a functional, practical space for living as well as cooking. This is where clever storage solutions come in useful – bespoke spice drawers, drawer dividers and larder cabinets mean everything can have its place. Pull out storage mechanisms mean you can easily access all items in your cabinets. In-drawer sockets are also great. The sockets are hidden away, and I’ve also heard them described as a ‘gadget hotel’ to get teens off their devices!” adds Rebecca Northmore, HUX Design Manager.

Kitchen trends for 2022 are more exciting than ever. As our kitchens have been utilised more than ever before last year, this change in function has impacted this year’s designs, with the room becoming more welcoming, practical, and calming. Homeowners want their kitchens to feel comfortable, with ample space to take them through the needs of their day; kitchens that are high-performance without sacrificing on design.